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Val Gaming

Gaming community established in 2018.

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Clear and Transparent Rules. Professional Staff – Moderation Not Policing. Progressive and Balanced Gameplay. Beta Phase to ensure smooth gameplay upon launch. Dedication to creating a unique roleplay experience & unique system features that promote maximum player to player interaction.


Roleplay and creativity encouraged. All players can create up to three unique characters with different background stories. Server designed to maximize player interaction with a progressive levelling system based on players time played in game. Who will you be? What will you create or build? How far will you go?


Government: Police, FBI, EMS and Hospital Staff
Gangs: Drug Runner, Cook, Gunsmith, Drug Dealer, Car Thief & Arms Dealer
Community: Food Delivery Drivers, Business Owners, Courier, Money Transporter, Taxi Drivers & Armored Truck Drivers Where do you want to work? The opportunities are endless.

Our Features

Legal Organizations

Fully structured and loaded Police, FBI and EMS departments with advanced system features including custom vehicles featuring advanced MDC, radar system, and 3D voice radio system making your job easier. With our . All of the above features are fully financed by the State of San Andreas.Tax system with a political party system that allows players to run the government and manage it on a day to day basis. Thus creating a fully balanced economy environment.

3D Voice System & SIM System

Our servers voice system is powered by Teamspeak3, offering a fully 3d voice system for phones, radio and in-game voice.
The highly powered radio system has thousands of frequencies which work within a certain range. Mobile system that works with cellular towers. The most unique feature to our server is that our phone system has a swappable SIM card system allowing you to swap out SIMs and phone numbers to cover your tracks.

Dynamic Housing System

Buy any house of your choice in your preferred neighborhood from the hundreds of houses available on the market throughout the State of San Andreas. As the server develops, new houses will be released in phases, allowing you to upgrade your home as your gameplay progresses. Not only can you use your house for storage, wardrobe and vehicle storage, you can also resell your home to other players.

Consequential Gamemode

It’s critical that you fully assess the people you allow into your organization, as the game mode allows players to join multiple factions. Be sure to keep your secrets tight and with those you trust as rival gangs and undercover LEOs will be working to build case files or hurt your operation through infiltration and surveillance. Be careful who you upset, or you may find your organization with a contract on one of your members heads as the Hitman Agency can be contracted by rival players.

& Modular

Dynamic Group System

Unlimited number of gangs Instead of going through an application system, gangs operate through an experience system. Gang activity and being active in-game is a primary way gangs can earn XP. Unlike any other server, players are not required to go through a whitelisting system, all that is required is that players find a unique theme, and name, and start their roleplay to get their gang started! Immersive gang roleplaying experience and activities available in-game. Gang members also earn XP from turf wars, corporate wars, extortion, mass selling of illegal goods, job specializations, car jacking & other illegal activities. Want to join a gang? Want to run a gang? With our ranking system, players promote players. Whether or not you start off as a gang member or a gang leader, you can excel on our server and work your way up. Can you work your way to gang leader? Will your gang run Los Santos?
The decision is yours.

Dynamic Businesses

Players can work to own one of ten different business types, with no limitations on the server to how many businesses can be placed.
Business owners will have the opportunity to completely run their own business through the business panel, with the ability to grind through different avenues to increase profitability, options to buy product wholesale to ensure competitiveness in the industry, while also maintaining a proper balance that allows all businesses to thrive. Business Types: Gun Store, Car Dealership, Clothing Store, Jewelry Store, General Store, Storage Units, Mod Shop, Office, Barber, Restaurant Looking to expand your business? Storage units can be converted into cocaine laboratories or weed grow ops. Looking to get into a new business? Players can resell their current business, giving them the resources needed to purchase new businesses of their choice.
What type of business will you own?

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